Old Pine Barbershop Story

Old Pine Barber Shop is located in the heart of the North End of Halifax, just off Agricola. Our barbershop was started in 2018 by Sarah Connolly. In 2020 one of Sarah’s clients took over the shop while Sarah took a move to England. Old Pine Barbershop continues to grow.


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Old Pine Timeline

About Sarah and Old Pine Barbershop

2018 - Sarah Connolly Opens Up Shop

Sarah Connolly was the owner and barber at Old Pine Barbershop. She attended the Hair Design Centre in Halifax in 2014, graduating with high honours. Knowing that barbering was her preferred career choice she contacted the owner of a local barber shop that was on the rise. 

After apprenticing there during the last few months at hair school, Sarah was hired as a full time barber. Over the next 4 years she perfected my skills as a barber. She also trained new barbers in the art of shaving and haircuts. Even assisting with training for Wahl and teaching classes in men’s hair around the Maritimes.

Unsure of what Sarah wanted to do in life and my career She briefly left the barbershop. Working retail in the hair industry. During this time an opportunity came up for me to open a barber shop of her own. Old Pine Barber Shop Halifax came into existence May of 2018. 

Originally Old Pine was in a small space shared with another barber under their own business name. From day one, the support that Sarah and Old Pine Barbershop have received has been incredible and the shop only continues to grow.

In February of 2019 it came time to expand in order to accommodate the growing business. That’s when the shop moved to it’s current location 5687 West Street. In a building shared with numerous entrepreneurs and creatives. Allowing Old Pine Barbershop to continue to grow.

2020 - Sarah Moves to England... The Shop Survives!

In 2020 the global pandemic hit. COVID-19 caused the shop to temporarily close down. Simultaneously Sarah made the decision to make a change in her life by taking a move to England. 

For a few months the shop’s future was uncertain. It seemed like Old Pine Barbershop was going to close it’s doors.


One of Sarah’s clients had recently started helping Sarah with her website and Google profile.

After some deliberation they made the decision to take over the operations of Old Pine Barbershop. Bringing on new barbers that are excited to help keep the Old Pine Barbershop that we all love!

Old Pine Team

Kelsie Misener, Old Pine Barber

Kelsie Misener

Kelsie trained and barbered in Ottawa for over 3 years before moving back home to Halifax to join us at Old Pine Barbershop! While not in the shop Kelsie enjoys photography and going on hikes with her 2 dogs.

Owen Stanford

Owen originally hails from Ontario where he started cutting buds mops in a backyard in 2010. He is also a carpenter, artist and most proudly a dad. Excited to provide classic fine grooming and a safe/comfortable atmosphere to Old Pine. 

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