How To Make Your Own Hot Shave Foam (DIY)

Don’t ya just LOVE the feeling of that soft foam barbers put on you?


It’s so comforting. Plus it makes your haircut and skin feel so freaking nice.

In this post you’re going to learn how to make your own hot shave foam. It’s a DIY barber styled warm foam.

Supplies you’ll need

  • Shave brush
  • Ceramic – microwavable bowl or mug
  • High quality natural soap

Grab those items and get to ze sink!

The Shave Brush

Is absolutely necessary. I recommend using an all natural badger hair with a polished wood handle. The badger hair holds a lot of shave foam and moisture. It also allows acts like a whip for your DIY at home shave foam.

The Ceramic – Microwavable bowl or mug

What you want is a shallow bowl or mug, so that it’s just deep enough to hold a bit of bar soap. But give it enough room so that the whipped foam can start to accumulate and not overfill.

High Quality Natural Soap

Just a bar of it is all you need, find one with some beeswax, or honey in it. The natural ingredients will not clog up your razor, and it’ll do wonders for your skin.

DIY Hot Shave Foam Instructions

  • Put the soap in the mug and microwave for 30 seconds
  • Get some hot ass water from your tap and put just a slash in the bowl
  • Use your shave brush and start whipping it on the top

Make sure to drain it if there’s too much water, then continue to whip as long as possible to get the foam more airy.

Pop it in the microwave if it’s going cold on ya.

But more hot water in, if it’s not getting soapy enough.

And that’s it! You can start having lovely warm foam shaves in the comfort of your own casa. Maybe even make this luxurious shave a part of a frequent routine.

It’ll make your skin hella fine too.

At Home Foam FAQ

What do you need to make your own shave foam?

All you need to make your own shave foam is a small ceramic bowl, a shave brush, and a bar of soap. Read the complete guide to learn how to make it!

What type of soap do I need?

You can just use a regular bar of soap, but I highly recommend finding an all natural one with beeswax or honey in it. Check our shop to look at examples.

I just get soapy water…?

Then you put too much water into your bowl of soap, pour some out and keep whipping.