How To Cut Your Own Hair

The first COVID shutdown had barbers locked away and left people everywhere scrambling to figure out how to cut your own hair.

Trying to keep your mop trimmed while waiting for barbershops to open – or just in between appointments can be relatively easy! Your barber should be able to give you nice lines that you can use as a template.

Cutting your own hair can be hard

But by following the simple steps in this video you can learn how to give yourself a nice fade very quickly.

how to cut your own hair

How to cut your own hair at home

Total Time: 25 minutes

#1 Wash your hair

It’s important to wash your hair and then keep it slightly damp, not wet. This will make your hair much easier to cut.

#2 Shave your face, ears and neck

Shaving to your desired look is better to do before your actual hair cut. This way you’ll know when you’re cutting your own hair how your final look will be.

#3 Note your hairstyle

Each hairstyle is different. When cutting your own hair you don’t want to make a significant changes from what your barber has done. You’ll get a much better result by simply trying to stick to the hairstyle that you currently have.

#4 Fade your sides with clippers

Imaging that the side of your head is in layers, like a rainbow. Each layer is a different hair size. Start with small clippers at the bottom of your hair and work your way to the top of your head. Gradually increasing the clipper size as you go up each layer on the side of your head.

The smaller increments of clippers you use, the less you’ll see the layers.
Or if you want a harder line go up in size very quickly, which will give you a bigger line.

#5 Cut the back side of your head

Use you ear as a guide to go upwards and really curve into the side of your head to make the transition easier.

Use a small handheld mirror – look in this mirror – turn your back to your main bathroom mirror to get a better look at the back of your head.

#6 Use scissors to trim the top

Use your fingers and scissors to trim up the top of your head.
Start from the middle and move your way to the back, and sides. Comb the front bangs of your hair down straight onto your forehead to clearly see the line. Then cut to your desired length.