Beard Comb

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It’s what your beard deserves!

Your comb for a healthier and sexier beard.

A beard comb is a grooming accessory that every guy needs to have if he wants to grow and maintain a thick and shiny beard.

Why You Should Use A Beard Comb

A beard comb, unlike a regular comb, is perfect for gently detangling facial hair because of the wide spacing between the teeth of the comb. When trimming and styling, a beard comb securely holds hair in place so that you have excellent control. While combing, it also evenly distributes the healthy natural oils from your face to the end of each strand of your beard.

I bought the beard comb because I thought it would be convenient for travel since it’s foldable… but after using it for a few weeks I’ve noticed a huge difference in my beard! It’s shinier, softer and fuller. I’ve actually been buying it for friends as a gift.

~Eric Murphy

Our Barber Shop Reviews

We don’t only sell great products to classy people. We run a barbershop too! Old Pine is a franchised barbershop with location across North America. We help entrepreneurs and barbers start successful shops right from day 1.

  • Great experience. Staff was very personable and experienced. I feel very satisfied with my haircut and will definitely be returning.

    James Fraser Avatar James Fraser

    Best cut in town, no doubt about it! I’ve been following and supporting Sarah for five years as she scaled up from renting a chair to opening up her own shop. Hyperlocal, solid price, good conversation and a damn fine haircut. If you're looking for a fade, you've landed in the right place!

    warren jones Avatar warren jones

    Always a quality cut. Always quality conversation. Enough said.

    Brad Gillissie Avatar Brad Gillissie
  • Best place ever to cut a haircut If u wanna look best version of urself please visit . #the best barber MUNISH NAGPAL . LALA G

    Mohit Nagpal Avatar Mohit Nagpal

    Had my first haircut here today and it was definitely a pleasure. Kelsie was very easy to talk to. Conversation kept going even if I was rambling on at times. She gave a really nice mid-level skin fade on the sides and back, and cleaned up the top very nicely. Was a little shorter than I would have gone on the top, but I am still able to style it the way I do when I am going out and around. Haircut today was worth every penny today.

    Michael Delaney Avatar Michael Delaney

    Love this place. Great vide and chill environment. It's got character. Owen is really nice and he did an excellent job. Got some awesome hair products too. Will be coming back for sure. Highly recommended.

    Mark Santos Avatar Mark Santos

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How often should I comb my beard?

You should spend time daily grooming your beard, especially as it grows. Using a high-quality comb ensures that you maintain beard shape, avoid dandruff, improve blood circulation and remove dead skin buildup. The proper technique is to comb in a downwards motion and to comb your beard in sections depending on length. 

Does a beard comb actually help with beard growth?

Yes! The beard comb is designed to massage the scalp while you comb through and simultaneously wake up hair follicles to promote growth. It’s a great way to keep grow a healthy, clean, and shiny beard!

What material should a beard comb be?

A naturally made beard comb is the best material option on the market. This is because it eliminates harmful chemicals and toxins that could leech into the hair follicle while combing. Our beard comb is made of natural sandalwood to ensure that your beard is getting the best care.

Why Choose Old Pine’s Beard Comb Product

Here at Old Pine we recognize that going to the barber is more than just a haircut. Our shop is an experience, and you deserve the best one possible.

We want to provide you with all the products you need in order to achieve the style that you’re going for.

Whether that’s growing a healthier beard, or finding all natural hair products. We’ve got the right products for your unique needs.