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Your shaving brush for the best shave.

A shaving brush is a must for richly lathering and lifting the hair while keeping the skin beneath moisturized. Be ready for a smooth shave, healthier skin and hair follicles. This brush creates the perfect skin to grow a healthy, thick, full beard.

Why You Should Use A Shaving Brush

Without adequate hair stimulation, shave creams and gels can’t penetrate facial hairs, soften them and lift them for a close shave.

For years, I was just applying my shaving cream with my hands and getting okay results…but after trying this shaving brush I can never go back! It’s made a huge difference in getting a smoother shave that gets closer to the skin. Less irritation and my skin looks way healthier!

~Derek Henderson

How To Use Your Shaving Brush

Using a shaving brush roller is a crucial part of your grooming routine. Here’s a step-by-step guide to guarantee you get the best results.

How to use a shaving brush step-by-step guide

#1. Prepare the brush

Soak the shaving brush in hot water and shake off any excess water.

#2. Apply cream to brush

Apply shaving cream to the tip of your brush, just enough so that it doesn’t drip.

#3. Lather cream on face

Lather the cream on your face using a circular motion with the brush. To make it a richer lather, add a bit of hot water to the brush. Not too much though; the shave cream will become too watery.

#4. Shave beard

Shave clean with a razor, then rinse your face with cold water to close your pores.

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Our Barber Shop Reviews

We don’t only sell great products to classy people. We run a barbershop too! Old Pine is a franchised barbershop with location across North America. We help entrepreneurs and barbers start successful shops right from day 1.

  • Was having somewhat of a bugsplat of a morning but then got my hair trimmed by owen. A mean haircut and a good chat set my day straight. Thanks buddy for a great cut I threw it up as my google profile picture ^^^

    Oscar Moyles Avatar Oscar Moyles

    Always a quality cut. Always quality conversation. Enough said.

    Brad Gillissie Avatar Brad Gillissie

    Good vibes, good tunes and always happy with the haircut! 👌🏻🌲✂️

    Breagh Ouellet Avatar Breagh Ouellet
  • I came to Old Pine Barbershop and got a great haircut from Owen. It was a nice clean place, Owen was a great barber, very personable and easy to talk to. He gave me the exact haircut I wanted and I will definitely be back. Best barbershop I have been to. I'm someone who doesn't like getting their haircut often as I always come out disappointed with the result at other barbershops but I was very happy with how my hair turned out and loved my experience at Old Pine Barbershop!

    Owen “oboyce” Boyce Avatar Owen “oboyce” Boyce

    Cleanliness, Perfectionist in hair cut...Good atmosphere

    Deep Barot Avatar Deep Barot

    Great experience. Staff was very personable and experienced. I feel very satisfied with my haircut and will definitely be returning.

    James Fraser Avatar James Fraser

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What kind of maintenance does my shaving brush require?

Shave brushes need to be cleaned and cared for after use. Rinse the brush under warm water to remove any leftover hair and shaving cream. Flick off any excess water from the bristles. If you have a shave stand, place the brush on it hair down so that any remaining water drips from the brush and not into it. Leave your shave brush on the countertop where it can breathe instead of stowing it away in a cupboard.

Is a shaving brush worth it?

Yes! A good shave requires more than just slapping a razor on your face. The process of lathering up your stubble with shaving soap or cream and applying it to your mug with a brush creates a thick, rich foam that not only protects the skin but also exfoliates it, raising the hairs for a clean cut.

What’s the best material for a shaving brush?

Badger hair shaving brushes are the Rolls-Royce of your bathroom cabinet. Soft, durable, and sleekly designed, these brushes are the best when it comes to performance.

Why Choose Old Pine’s Shaving Brush Products

Here at Old Pine we recognize that going to the barber is more than just a haircut. Our shop is an experience, and you deserve the best one possible.

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